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If you really have no idea where you are looking to go let me share these locations and destinations with you!

Sandals Resorts

If you are looking for paradise and an all inclusive with beauty and adventure then Sandals is the choice! With many destinations you can choose from you can find the right island for your dream vacation. Once you go you may just visit them all.

Check out your options by clicking on this link!

Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 10.33.23 PM.png


Antigua is a great place to visit and when people think of the Caribbean they seem to forget about Antigua. The people are wonderful and the island is full of beauty. You will not find your big hotels here as much but more of a relaxed, romantic atmosphere at the resorts and adventure and fun around the island! 

Ask me about cruises that stop here also if you love cruising!


If you are really looking for the destination that has been popping up on everyone's bucket list look no further for Iceland is the new destination to visit!

So many things to do and see in Iceland and the country has beauty everywhere you turn. Ask me about the places I visited!

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